The Benefit of One-Step Checkout for Your Online Store

Today’s shopper has an endless list of online stores they can choose to shop at. From major retailers to Amazon to small custom boutiques. No matter what a customer is looking for, it is likely they can find it online. Because there is so much choice out there, it is so important that the customer’s experience at your online store is positive and memorable. In order to create a positive experience, it is important that your online store has a good selection, is easy to navigate, and has a streamlined and efficient checkout process. The worst-case scenario for E-commerce is a customer browses your store, adds items to their cart, and then doesn’t actually make the sale because the checkout process is confusing, slow, there are too many options, too many redirects, and too many forms. One way to ensure customers have a positive checkout experience and go through with the sale one-step checkout options like one step checkout for Magento 2 or any other program you choose to use.

What is One-Step Checkout?

One-step checkout is a fairly simple process. It simply brings all of the order’s elements like shipping address, billing address, shipping method, payment method, and so on to a single page in your store. This process allows for simple, streamlined order placement and makes it quick and convenient for the customer.


Another benefit of one-step checkout that customers love is customization. You can give your customers the option to store their payment information, billing, and shipping address. This makes checkout so much easier because the customer no longer has to leave the computer, go find their wallet and get out their credit card then type the numbers in. That process can sometimes defer the customer from going through with the sale. So, one step checkout and customization makes it easier for the customer and also allows sales to increase.

Additional Payment Options

Allowing your customers to have several different payment options on the one-step checkout page is another great idea to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. By allowing payments like gift cards, rewards points, and store credit will enable customers to spend more money because they are looking to gain rewards, they have store credit or they have been given a gift card.

Payment Integration

Allowing customers to pay with Apple Pay or Amazon Pay is another way to increase your online store sales. A lot of customers are used to shopping for everything on Amazon and some may find a product on your website and think they would rather just go find it on Amazon. But, if your store offers different methods of payment like Apple Pay and Amazon Pay and they see that then they will be likely to place the order on your website because they are already there and now there is no point for them to leave and start the search for the product over on Amazon.

These days online customers are used to having a streamlined, easy checkout process. That’s why it is imperative for you to offer your customers one-step checkout so that they will actually go through and place their order and have a convenient, enjoyable experience at your online store. The better their experience is, the more likely they will be to return.