For those who do not know “Farming Simulator”, it is an agricultural and livestock simulation game in which the player will be in charge of all the phases of the process, such as preparing the land, cultivating it, sowing, spraying, collecting, among other activities such as, sell the products, exchange them, raise animals like sheep, cows, chickens, and horses.

Without a doubt, “Farming Simulator 2019” is the most ambitious game in the saga that they have released to date. The argument is very basic, the players have a farm and they will have to grow it as best they can to earn money and they can also acquire animals to sell their products.

To help the players improve they will have plenty of vehicles and tools for all tasks from the small, medium, large tractors, trucks, vans… to harvesters, trailers, brush cutters, sprinklers … more than 300 objects between vehicles and tools of 100 real brands. Each item is perfectly recreated as it is in reality. For all the country lovers, it’s like the FIFA of agriculture.

Once the harvest is ready, each player will have to take care of it so that it does not have pests or weeds, when it is at its point for the harvest it will be time to do it and decide what they do with it if take it to the farm and keep it until there are better prices or sell it directly at the possible points for profit as prices fluctuate and they will have at their disposal a table of values ​​to keep it under control. As the farm has a lot of work, the game also gives them the option of hiring workers to do the tasks for them and so the players can do other tasks.

If players have little crops, they also have the possibility of raising animals to have a total farm such as pigs, sheep, cows or chickens are the different animals you can have, each with an independent behavior. And this year the novelty is the horses that you can train and feed with oats and even transport them in special trailers for them with the aim of selling them and making the most of profits.

With these gains, everybody can invest in better machines, more advantages, etc. increasing the level of the farm. As if that was not enough, this game also has a multiplayer mode with up to 16 people and mods that can be installed. How to grow gains, step by step.


Their website is about posting and sharing mods for Farming Simulator 19 (FS19), they are all tested, using the modder’s official download links. On Yesmods you will find a navigation menu in which you will find mods for tractors, trailers, harvesters, loaders, maps, forestry, and even script mods, misc mods and more.


Graphically, it has made a leap forward with the new graphic engine that Farming Simulator 2019 premieres on PC although in consoles it could be seen better. The graphic power is seen in the machines and their implements since they are recreated to the millimeter as they are in reality. As said before, this site has more than 100 brands including John Deere, New Holland, Fendt or Valtra. Any doubts about getting the game should always be cleared by watching some reviews from a reliable site.

SF19 has two types of cameras when driving, first-person and third person. The third-person view has given players some problems because it is at a point where sometimes what is ahead is not well appreciated.

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