The Best Reasons to Choose a CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

CNC is an abbreviation of the term computer-numerical-control. The term was coined in 1958 by Patrick J. Hanratty the man who created the first CNC machine. Today, in the modern world, there is an endless number of manufacturers using updated CNC technology based on the models created by this visionary to produce machined products.

There are very little businesses out there that don’t use these services to some extent. Many entrepreneurs around the world hire these services from companies based in Asia. China has proven to be one of the best markets for CNC machining companies. There are a few reasons for that, and that’s what we’ll learn in this post.

CNC machining procedures uses specialized software to control every aspect of the output as well as the finished product. If you are wondering why would you choose to create your CNC machined parts in China over a local vendor, read the following lines. You will learn a few things about the open market and how it works.

The Costs of Production are Too Competitive

If you have a chance to compare the quotes offered by a local manufacturer in your own country with the rates provided by a Chinese manufacturer, you will be gladly surprised at the difference. Prices will always be the main driver of any business, and low costs of production are a great reason to choose a vendor. China has thousands of manufacturers competing among themselves to get the business of big and small operators alike. Many of them offer the fantastic prices with increased quality on the finished product, shipping included!

No Minimum Orders Required for Custom Machined Parts

Because of the strong competition among manufacturers, no vendor asks for a minimum order to begin work on your part. While you can place orders in very low numbers, the costs will reflect the set-up required by the company to achieve the ideal conditions that guarantee the success of your product. If you place large orders of your product, the impact of the set-up cost will be minimal.

They Can Work with Every Single Machining Material Available

Manufacturing requires knowledge about materials. A company can do more business the more they know about materials and proper set-ups to work with them. A lot of manufacturing operations in China can work with any metal regardless of its hardness. You can ask your vendor to work with an extensive catalog of materials that include metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. Some companies go one step forward, and they can handle plastics and resins under the same roof.

Vast Range of Surface Treatments

Every CNC machined part requires post-machining procedures to look good and according to the specifications of the customer. That finished touch was often outsourced to other factories in the past. These days most manufacturers in China handle all the process in-house. If you ask for the service, it is very likely they will deliver your finished part just the way you want it to look and ready to be sold.

Updated Technology

Every single manufacturer worth his salt is working with the latest models of CNC machines. That way, they can to deliver their orders as quickly as possible using cutting edge devices. Modern CNC machining requires very little human involvement, so the margin of error on machined parts is minimal.

Finished Parts are Reliable and Durable

Long gone are the days when China was the leading market for counterfeits and pirated versions of our favorite products. These days almost every manufacturer works following the highest international standards of production to deliver quality products all over the globe. Established operations work around the clock with their CNC machines getting hardly any rest as the orders keep rolling in.

Less Human Labor

Modern CNC machining requires a single technician to program the devices. Once they have placed the coding, they can get the machines to work and create the numbers of parts on any given order in a matter of moments. Not so long a single CNC machine required an individual operator. While some factories still handle orders by this model, human involvement has been steadily reduced to meager tasks such as turning workpieces on sophisticated devices.

The Number of Options Available

With so many options to choose from, is hard to say no to CNC machining projects in China. You can find joint enterprises to handle casting, machining, molding, and stamping under a single roof. You can also deal with medium-scaled manufacturers that handle machining work with partner operators that can handle the finishing touches on your parts.

A lot of people will recommend you to get everything done with a single company, and that certainly is the best course of action. Budget restrictions often come clashing with this reasoning. You need to work with the options that best suit your project.


nemiNemi is a freelance writer with over 8 years of experience as a business analyst and technical writer. He has a strong background in technology and finance and loves taking complicated ideas and explaining them in an innovative and easy to understand way.