The Division Open Beta Set For February 16-21

It looks like The Division will be getting an unexpected open beta! The closed beta was this past weekend with Xbox One players getting an extra 24 hours. While this weekend’s beta was a closed beta (you needed a beta code or invite) this new one should be open for everyone.

The Division Beta

Certain official Xbox channels such as the Italian one have tipped us off to this beta test. The image you see below shows the games coming out in February and you can clearly see The Division open beta test which will run from February 16th – 21th. Exclusive 24 hour access will be given to Xbox One users so those on PC and PlayStation 4 expect to see the beta run from the 17th – 21st.


While this is still a rumor and we have not heard anything official from Ubisoft, we feel pretty confident this is when the open beta will take place. Did you play The Division this weekend? What did you think of it?

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