The GPU Frequency World Record Set on The GTX 1060

When NVIDIA first revealed their 10 Series architecture they really made a point to talk about the overclocking headroom and the ability to reach 2.1 GHz relatively easily. With that we’ve seen Pascal provide some of the highest GPU frequencies in recent memory. With that Greek Overclocker “FireKillerGR” was able to overclock a GALAXY GTX 1060 HOF GOC from its default boost frequency of 1847 MHz all the way up to 2885 MHz setting a world record for GPU frequency!


The memory was also overclocked up to 10.5 GHz. Inside the bench system was an Intel Core i7-6700K which was also overclocked to an impressive 6 GHz. Of course both the graphics card and CPU were cooled with LN2 to be able to achieve such high clocks. The card was run through a bunch of benchmarks to show performance and stability. While running the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark, the GPU reported a score of 6349, which is a very impressive result! Are we getting closer to breaking that 3.0 GHz mark on our GPUs?!


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