The iMind platform as an example of the quality of online communication

Online technologies are constantly evolving and improving the new world of communication. Platforms offering video conferencing and meetings to users are entering into a competitive struggle. One of the most popular systems for remote format communication both for business and ordinary users is iMind. You can make sure of this platform by reading iMind reviews.

What makes iMind different from the competitors?

iMind is considered one of the best video conferencing platforms, especially for business. Such a great success is not a coincidence:

  • iMind offers its users unlimited opportunity to record a video conference without any time limits which makes it different from the competitors.
  • The platform is suitable for various purposes and even for different scales of companies thanks to 4 tariff plans
  • Users can access online meetings both from their browser and from the app. Access is also possible from both IOS and Android
  • For security during a videoconference, you can set a limit of participants who can enter the meeting
  • Shared and individual meeting rooms can be set up to make working on projects online more efficient.
  • Video and sound quality during the meeting makes iMind a leader among similar platforms. The system muffles unnecessary noise and makes the picture as good as possible.

These advantages are just a part of the features that make iMind appeal to millions of users. Below you can read customer reviews about the platform.

What are users’ and businesses reviews about iMind?

Reviews about the platform refer to its benefits and features for large businesses, employees from different countries and regular users. Customers highlight the following benefits of the system:

  • Businesses and companies can organize high-quality communication between employees even in different countries of the world thanks to the possibility of video conferencing with an unlimited number of participants
  • Thanks to business chats during the meeting, all employees of the company feel responsible for their participation. Everyone can share their ideas in a common chat room, which makes it easier to monitor employee productivity.
  • Work efficiency is increased by separating into individual online rooms. The company owner or project manager can give employees tasks to complete in small groups and offer bonuses or rewards for better results. In this way, motivation to work and generate ideas among colleagues will increase through competition with other groups.
  • User security and data privacy are the number 1 priority for this platform. One-time passwords increase trust and do not have to worry about personal information leaks
  • Speed and ease of use of iMind attract both business companies and common users to this platform: one-click communication without registration or downloading an application saves time and allows keeping in touch


To summarize customer feedback, it is worth saying that iMind creates an online communication system that is as convenient and accessible for users as possible. If you want to be constantly in touch with friends even thousands of kilometers away or work remotely on successful projects, choosing this platform will be the best solution.