The Incredible Advances In Gaming Tech

It was the 80’s, an era where fashion and technology seemed to be flourishing at every corner. In 1981, IBM released the first personal computer, and the tech rich era started to gather momentum as gaming consoles hit the market towards the end of the decade.

Everything was big, and big was in. Big hair, big shoes and most of all, huge leaps forward for man with new technological devices that captured our hearts and imagination.

Gaming has really walked a solid line of progression, advancing through the ages with powerful breakthroughs that have changed the way we game at home forever. Now, we can also game on the go, as the many mobile casino Canada sites clearly illustrate, an the many apps that are readily available too.

These incredible advances in gaming will prove how much effort we have put into gaming tech and just how powerful this new tech is.

Tech That Reads Your Face

Facial recognition tech in gaming has allowed for an extension of your very persona in the game. It affords players with the opportunity to create avatars that are based on your looks and features, offering you the opportunity to become immersed and interlinked with the world that stimulates you.

Companies like Intel are exploring the facial recognition realm and with their unique Intel RealSense 3D camera the processor developer may just be on the cusp of loading your emotions straight into the game to allow for a more enjoyable playing experience. Your emotions could ultimately determine the difficulty and pace you play at making for a more rewarding gaming experience.

Talk To Control Game Play

Voice recognition technology has been available for some time now but it can really adapt your game play and make the controller obsolete, if you’re in to that kind of thing. New consoles and computers can switch on and off with a simple voice prompt, dig further in the voice technology and you can open up your playing experience.

Players making use of voice recognition have a host of features available including but not limited to searching the web, controlling game play through voice prompts, interacting on social media platforms and even playing selections from your music library.

Wave Your Hand For Play

Gesture control coupled with voice control may help you completely eliminate the controller from your life. Instead of smashing your thumbs into the buttons of a controller why not use gesture control, which sees players moving their hands in certain motions to control the game.

It’s a nifty feature and available with the Intel RealSense 3D camera but it is still somewhat limited and can’t replace smashing your thumbs just yet.

Games Are More Appealing Than Ever Before

From the humble beginning of 8 bit video games to high end GPU’s that churn out some breathtaking graphics almost life like, gaming has gone through a graphical evolution.

Games today are much more immersive and boldly striking. Character movement is synced with human movement, allowing for a far richer experience that keeps players suspended in an outer body experience.

Increased Resolution In Displays

Native 1080p looks amazing, but step into the world of 4K and prepare to be blown away. Whether on a big screen television, computer monitor or gaming laptop today’s displays have increased clarity, ultra sharp definition and a rich range of colours that define shadows and make the imagery on screen bubble with enthusiasm.

The latest gaming consoles and computers have been built with Ultra High Definition displays in mind. Even though the machines is capable of amazing graphical displays, standard High Definition displays simply can’t keep up with the gaming machines processor and fails to impress where 4K blows your hair back and ushers you Into the future of gaming.

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