The Ultimate RGB Build

In Win’s 805 Infinity also includes a a RGB LED strip that you can put anywhere in the case. We decided to throw it in the backside of the case since there is a tempered glass side panel there as well. In our case we really aren’t going to see this as we will have the case up against a wall, but it gives us some cool back-glow and lights up our two solid state drives installed in the back of the case.

While I love the In Win 805 Infinity if it was not for the infinity window I am not sure I would have used this case for the build. The infinity window is what really sets it off, but through the process of our build I did run into a few issues that I would like to address. First let’s talk about cable management. Since the backside of the case has a tempered glass side panel on it you really don’t have anywhere to hide your cables. Also since this is not the largest case the is not a whole lot of room.

Once I had everything routed I was surprised to find there there were no cable tie down points on the backside of the motherboard tray. So I ended up picking up these zip tie cable mounts, which did work pretty well. You can also check out these adjustable cable clips which I didn’t discover till after the build was done, but would work really well too. While the cable routing situation was not ideal, it did work, and we really aren’t going to see this side of the build anyways.

Another thing that was tough when it came to this case was finding places to mount the two NZXT HUE+ controllers. There are the RGB controllers that allow us to control the RGB fans and RGB strips in the case with NZXT’s CAM software. These controllers are not terribly large, but since we have such a small case it was tricky to find mounting places. We installed one on the backside of the case, actually attaching it to the side of our power supply. The second one we sort of hid towards the top of the case between the motherboard and our radiator.

On thing you are are definitely going to need if you plan on using multiple controllers that use internal USB connections is the NZXT Internal USB hub. It was literally a life saver for this build as our motherboard only had two connections and we needed more than that. You can easily mount it in your system and as a bonus it includes two external ports as well so you can plug in a dongle for wireless or your keyboard / mouse.

So that was our experience building the Ultimate RGB PC! Let us know what you think of the build in comments below.

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