The Ultimate RGB Build

So if you missed it we’ve been planning a “Ultimate RGB Build” for a while now. In our last article we went over all of the parts we planned on using in the build, and how we were going to use them. Fast-forward to now and we’ve completed the build and I have to say it looks pretty awesome! This is actually the first time we’ve done a themed build and it is great to see if come from idea to a full working PC right in front of us! In this article we will be going over the build, how it turned out, and some tips if you want to do a similar build.

If you missed it we’ve made a full video of the build, which you can check out below.


So to start off lets just talk about how awesome this build looks. I honestly was not sure just how well it would turn out given my idea for the build. I just sort of had the RGB idea and ran with it. When this system is powered on and all the RGB components are lit up it just looks amazing. Every time I look over at my PC I just think, “damn that looks awesome!”

rgb build 25 rgb build 26 rgb build 27 rgb build 29

The tempered glass side panel of the In Win 805 Infinity really allows us to show off all of the components inside. If you plan on doing a build where you want to show off the components tempered glass is the only way to go. Talking about the case the front part infinity mirror is just amazing. Words really cannot describe it, but sure to check out our video above to really see it in action. The infinity mirror was one of the main reasons we went for this case.

rgb build 30 rgb build 31

NZXT products make up a good portion of our build and rightfully so, they make some of the best RGB products out there. NZXT’s Kraken X62 really was the only all-in-one liquid cooling solution we had in mind as the pump-block has the cool infinity mirror on it with RGB lighting. No other AiO’s out there really have this look and we just love it. Match that with the G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory and the entire top section of your motherboard is lit up!

rgb build 16 rgb build 17

All of the fans in our system are NZXT’s Aer RGBs. These can all be teamed together with NZXT’s CAM software so they display the same effect and are in sync. The fans that were on the bottom of the case actually gave us some really cool under-glow.

rgb build 15 rgb build 12

Besides just fans giving us some RGB effects we also have NZXT’s HUE+ RGB LED strips. These strips are not just normal strips, but smart strips that you can control via NZXT’s CAM software. This way you can have cool effects going down the the strips and the software even allows you to create your own effects to match your build perfectly. These strips really light up the inside of our case!

rgb build 10 rgb build 11

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