The Xbox Series X With The Biggest Console Gaming Line-Up Will Launch In November

Xbox fanatics are eagerly waiting for the upcoming series of the console with expectations skyrocketed and according to the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, the new addition to the Microsoft Console line-up, the Xbox series X, will feature the biggest collection of X box games.

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During a recent meeting with the investors, CEO Nadella told them that they would be providing unique, original and purchased games to boost the gaming industry. This will result in the Xbox Series X being launched with the biggest collection of games. The brief statement didn’t reveal any details regarding the collection. It can be concluded that the gaming titles from the previous series will be there too as they will be playable on the Xbox Series X due to its backward compatibility feature.

Nadella also said that the upcoming Xbox Series X would play a vital part in expanding the gaming industry. He explained his statement by saying that our backward compatibility feature, along with the biggest collection of games, will attract more than 2 billion gamers.

Although a lot has happened this year still, we can keep up with it as we not only have a strategy but a new console and a plan to enter the PC and the mobile gaming segment. Our online platforms and services will also help in the expansion of the industry like the communication system in Xbox Live, the Game Pass subscription, etc.

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Although a lot of suggestions have been given regarding the Xbox Series X news, still Microsoft plans to release it in November. The Chief Operating Officer Amy Hood confirmed to Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass that the Xbox Series X would be launched in November. However, in all the conferences and announcements, no hints were given regarding its pricing and the specific date of release. However, according to the anticipation, It will be priced similar to the upcoming PS5.