Thermalright Intros Massive HR-09 2280 Pro M.2 Heatsink

Thermalright has just introduced a new M.2 heatsink, the HR-09 2280 Pro. This is one MASSIVE M.2 heatsink, even rivaling the one that came with the Sabrent Rocket Gen 4 NVMe drive! This heatsink starts with a nickel-plated copper base-plate that has two 6 mm thick copper heatpipes that go up into a tall, thin aluminum heatsink stack.

hr 09 2 hr 09 3

The fin stack is 74 mm tall and 24 mm wide. The total length is 86 mm and it weighs in at 90g. Obviously a cooler like this is only going to work on an M.2 slot that does not sit below a an expansion slot as it needs the vertical space.

hr 09 4

Thermalright also has a smaller version, the HR-09 2280 (non-Pro), which is only 48 mm tall and has a single heatpipe. No word yet on pricing on either.

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