Retailer From Vietnam Is Offering Hundreds of NVIDIA RTX A4000 Workstation GPUs For Mining Rigs

The market for graphics cards in Vietnam has been struggling, much to the dismay of gamers who haven’t been able to get their hands on them for a good two years now. This is predominantly because most retailers and internet cafes have started running crypto mining operations.

NVIDIA RTX A4000 Mining 1

Those looking to get their hands on the RTX A4000 GPUs with GA104 GPU should reconsider. Nyugen Cong PC, a retailer, seems to be undisturbed by this. Nyugen is selling systems with eight RTX A4000 cards and these seem to be strictly reserved for the crypto miners. Each of these systems will deliver a hash rate of 5XX MH/s of ETH and will be not just cheaper but also faster than the RTX 3070 Ti consumer GPUs.

RTX A4500 Mining2

This comes as quite a shock since most retailers are not shying away from supporting crypto mining businesses. Considering the circumstances, this shouldn’t even be allowed to happen. However, this might not be a pinch point for too long as the crypto mining business has already seen its peak and the boom is finally over. And best of all, the prices of graphics cards are eventually returning to normal.

Via VideoCardz