M2 MacBook Air With White Notch To Launch In September

We had been hearing reports about the 2022 MacBook being at the top of the game, nothing short of the redesigned MacBook Pro models. Earlier reports were hinting towards a launch in the second half of 2022 but we were still waiting for an exact timeline. Finally, the wait comes to an end and we now know for sure that Apple will unveil the MacBook Air 2022 this September.

M2 MacBook Air 2 1030x602 1

iDropNews is reporting some things on the M2 MacBook Air but it hasn’t confirmed which color would be available on its launch. LeaksApplePr, on the other hand might have some reliable information as it claims to have received a picture of the final product but unfortunately, it can’t be made public right now. However, there is one spec of information available; the anonymous source claims that the image looks similar to the renders which have been made public previously. Rest assured, we will not be in for a surprise.

MacBook Air 1 1030x579 1

The latest information claims that the display on the M2 MacBook Air will increase from 13.3 inches to 13.6 inches as the bezels will be reduced. Unfortunately, this model will not support Face ID which is quite a signature feature of Apple products. We will still keep our fingers crossed as Apple might bring this upgrade to some of its future models.

Apart from the Face ID, there are some other features lacking on the new model. Since the cost of the M2 MacBook Air will be brought down, some compromises will have to be made. These come in the form of ditching the mini-LED or ProMotion technology.

Via iDropNews