Thermaltake Announces Massive SP Laptop Cooling Pad

Thermaltake has announced the addition of the Massive SP cooling pad for laptops as part of the Massive series. The massive SP provides the maximum comfort during usage with its ergonomic design which prevents tiredness which results from long hours of laptop usage.

Thermaltake Massive SP

The cooling pad by Thermaltake not only performs the cooling operation but has features which take the cooling pad to another level. The all new Massive SP has been equipped with built in speakers on both ends of the cooling pad which support flawless output of sound and the 14 cm LED fan. The fan has been plugged into the bottom of the cooling pad and so it allows the maximum capacity for cooling.

Thermaltake Massive SP

The speakers and the fan speeds can be easily adjusted and controlled with the perfect placement of knobs. The users can have complete authority over the controls of the quiet 140 mm LED fan. USB devices can easily be attached with the cooling pad which comes with two additional USB 2.0 ports. The Massive SP can be used for laptops up to 17 inches. Moreover, the ergonomics humanity design of the cooling pad enables easy usage without any strains eve after continuous hours of using the laptop.

Source: Thermaltake | News Archive