Intel Shows Off 14nm Broadwell CPU Powered Laptop

Intel decided to kick off this years IDF13 San Francisco by demoing their latest 14nm Broadwell CPU / SoC (System on Chip). Intel also confirmed that Broadwell processors would be shipping by the end of the year and Broadwell based laptops would start shipping in 2014.

Intel Broadwell Showcase IDF13

Intel also took the time to show off their Haswell-Y chips. These are ultra low power variants of the Haswell processors that have been available in desktops since June. This new Haswell chip has a TDP of only 4.5W and will enable fanless mobile devices like laptops and slate tablets. This processor would be faster than current Atom chips that are being used in Windows mobiles.

Obviously many people are really excited for Broadwell. According to Intel we will see these chips early next year and this shows no slow down in the development of the micro architecture. SoCs are becoming extremely popular, just look at AMD’s APU lineup which is being used in both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Broadwell is expected to deliver 30 percent battery longevity as compared to Haswell.

These new Broadwell chips would be be compatible with Z97 and H97 chipsets which would offer SATA Express support and a whole slew of new features. Keep checking back for more Intel Broadwell news.

Source: PC Perspective | News Archive

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