Thermaltake Commander G41 Mid-Tower Case Review

Thermaltake Commander G41 Mid-Tower Overview
In this segment we will take a closer look at what people will see when then look at the new build. The Thermaltake Commander G41 Windowed looks strong and worth more than the bargain price of less than $70.00 US Dollars. So you can save money and still be proud to show off your new build and make everyone believe that you spent more than you did. Not a bad deal there.

Themaltake Commander front no build

The front has a Transformer’s like theme and has some really good looking lines. This is a great look and its very user friendly. We have had a build in it for a few days. The front is very good looking to the people that have walked in or looked at it not knowing that we were fishing for a comment on it. Not one bad comment or exception to the look of this case. Its a winner in the curb appeal department.

Themaltake Commander G41 Front View

The control part of the unit is in a great place. Top right center for the power button is large and is very tactile. It take a little pressure to push it too which helps with accidental pressure. The reset in long and easy to access but in a place right under the red power button and it super flush with the case front so again you really have to try pressing it to get it but once you find the reset button its easy to depress.

Themaltake Commander G41 control unit

Looking further the USB 3.0 plugs are there and the jacks for the microphone and the headphones. The internal wire for that is HD audio only and is free and clear of the old AC-97 standard of ancient history is finally not there, thank you Thermaltake for that.

Themaltake Commander G41 top and bottom

The bottom and top of the Thermaltake Commander G41 Windowed Edition shows how friendly this case is to ventilation. One thing this case does is breath well and all in the right places. The top has perfectly lined up holes for installing a 120 X 240 mm radiator but you have to look for them. They are at the far side. There is also a 120 140 or a 200 inch fan hole if you just want some great air flow. The bottom has a place for some input air via a 120 X 120 mm fan and plenty of ventilation for your power supply and it has an air filter that is cheap but works really good. It latches in the center hole and you just tuck it in and out to remove or install. That easy.

Side Panels
The back of the Commander G41 Windowed Edition should be a template as what a budget case should look like. It has eight PCI slots with ventilated covers and an extra slot off to the side for a discrete controller. There are the two knockouts for custom water cooling piping and also a third larger knockout use of wiring or other types of water cooling configurations. The power supply placement is in the bottom as we expect in today’s computer builds with the PSU screws included so just in case your PSU doesn’t have them or you lost yours then there are 4 typical screws for that.

Themaltake Commander G41 Back

The windowed side panel and the back side panel are exactly alike except one has the window and one just has a plain panel, but the both have the same shape and the same amazing screws that secure the panel and they don’t fall out like the regular panel screws do. These hand tightened side panel tie downs hold the panel and when removed stay with the panel so you save time not wondering where you left them. They are on the panel waiting to be tightened down.

Themaltake Commander G41 side View clear windowed pic

The window is big and takes up 75% of the entire side of the case. The windowed panel is made of thin Plexiglas material and should be carefully cleaned to avoid scratches or dulling of the surface. Use only a mixture or 20 to one Dawn dish-washing liquid and water with a soft terry cloth towel to clean the surface for years of brilliant shine and new finish look. The window is held in place by strong bended fasteners on the inside at 12 points and has a really great look. As a person that usually hates big window this case made me learn to like them a little bit better.

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