Thermaltake Commander G41 Mid-Tower Case Review

Inside the Case
The business end of every case is how it works on the inside. Many famous looking cases have had some terrible insides with problems of engineering here and there but this case has none of those for a econo-box for gamer’s. Thermaltake has been making cases for 15 years and they have learned well how to build a nice computer case for a budget price. This case is physical proof of that. Everything is in the right place not too big or too small, and there are plenty of things they thought of that you might not even need but no matter what those things are you will see them when you need them and they will be right where you hoped they would be.

Something’s you need to know before you start working with this case.

A. This indention was made to fit the all in one radiator in and you can only fit the radiator with the pipes facing the back of the case.

B. This is The tool-less locking mechanism for the optical drive or other device that you may need. It locks securely from one side, the other side provide tension.

C. 8 slots for triple SLI with dual sized video cards. 7 are the usual standard for other cases.

D. There is something very important that you need to know so read this part first. Mount your power supply first then route your 4 or 8 or 16pin CPU power cables through the small hole marked. Figure(D) Make sure that you run that wire first before the mounting the motherboard or you will be taking it out and reinstalling again. Like I did. Haha.

E. Top locking mechanism for the removable drive bay.

F. Bottom locking mechanism for the removable drive bay.

Themaltake Commander G41 Inside windowed side open

Ventilation on this case is great. Top, bottom, front and back Thermaltake provides it all. And if you are really good modder, putting a 240 x 120 mm radiator in the front would be very easy. But they are made for the modules for the system builders or the gamer that just wants to get to gaming ASAP or get the build done fast. This is a great system builder case. Easy fit and fast install and full of optional ventilation or optional build styles.

Themaltake Commander G41 side View inside motherboard

The removable drive bay is one of the most remarkable features of this case so I will go over it in some detail so that you can understand why.

Themaltake Commander G41 Module HDD mount removed
Themaltake Commander G41 Module lock design
Themaltake Commander G41 Inside removed drive module
Themaltake Commander G41 Module HDD Slide out
Themaltake Commander G41 Module from behind
Themaltake Commander G41 Module HDD mount

As you can see both modules upper and lower are identical but the bottom one is screwed in from the bottom if you want to remove it you will need tools here. No big deal. Builders are not afraid of tools. The drives bays are very complex but simple to use and to fit and refit so this is a big win too.

Themaltake Commander G41 Back side view inside

The back of the case seems to only give the builder 3/4 or 19 mm but if you count the back out cropping that gives the builder 1.33 inches or 32 mm of space for wire management and that is a lot of space. Also the tie downs are all in the right spot and they give you wire ties with the case. The rear CPU access hole was perfect for my build and really works the way it should. The control wires are flat ribbon style wires too to allow for a nice clean look after you are finished building, cleaning wires up is a breeze.

Themaltake Commander G41 Wire tie offs

The control wires are the last thing that we will cover and its nice that they didn’t offer the AC-97 sound plug that I usually have to snip off and throw away so this is lots neater. The case speaker is your run of the mill type.

Themaltake Commander G41 control Wires
Themaltake Commander speaker wire

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