Thermaltake Commander G41 Mid-Tower Case Review

Build Testing
The test rig consists of the following parts:

Processor: Intel 920 / 1366 Socket
Motherboard: Gigabyte X58-USB3
Video Card: PowerColor HD 6970
Memory: Samsung – Viper Xtreme (PX736G2000ELK) DDR3 2000 speed Triple Channel 3X2GB (9-10-9-27)
Power Supply: Corsair HX 1000 Watts Semi Modular
Storage: Black Caviar Western Digital 500 GB / Running Windows 7 64bit
Cooling: DeepCool Gamer’s Storm Maelstrom All in One 240 X 120 mm.
Case: Thermaltake Commander G41 (Windowed) Edition

Full build

The back of this case takes wire management seriously and does a good job about helping to keep wires tucked and wrapped nicely. What I love about this case is everything is so well placed.

full build wire management

Its very important for us to emphasize again that this case is best built installing the power supply first and routing the CPU power cable through the access hole before mounting the motherboard. I know I am repeating myself here but you must understand that I really don’t want you to have to install and remove over and over again.


The rear of the case is really made well for building. The word tool less gets thrown around a lot. For this case I would use the more accurate statement of semi-tool-less. Each PCI slot cover is vented and nice but it does require a hex or a Phillips head screwdriver to remove them and to secure the devices being used. But besides that the Thermaltake Commander G41 is an exceptional case with lots of bang for the buck.

Frontal side shot

The front uses a very quiet turbine type fan that works great but does not light up and I have said times before that it would not be impossible to fit a 240 X 120 mm radiator in the front if you wanted to go all SSD and take out both of the hard drive modules.

turbine fan

All the accessories that you get with the build will help you make a complete build with plenty of stand offs, special screws, motherboard mounting screws and also screws for SSD mounting. The owners manual is small but still most of the build needs no explanation since the case is so well built everything seems to fit right where they logically should go.


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