Thermaltake Introduces the New Frio Silent Series CPU Coolers

Thermaltake today introduces ultimate air-cooling solution Frio Silent Series – Frio Silent 12, Frio Silent 14, and Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual around the globe. Frio Silent Series have been specially designed to solve the noise problem that all extreme PC gamers have been suffering for long time, leading them into a world without disturbance. Furthermore, the Low Noise Cable (LNC) design helps new Silent Series keep the noise down to another level.


This July, featuring the Thermaltake Frio Silent Series – a CPU cooler that incorporated some of the most up-to-date CPU cooler technologies and persevered the greatnesses from its predecessors of Frio OCK and Frio Extreme which not only creating a new phenomenon for overclockers but also set another signature for the Frio Silent Series.


Frio Silent 12 and 14
– Non-Interference Cooling Design: Frio Silent 12 and 14 solves the co-existing problem on high performance RAM and CPU coolers, it achieves the best RAM clearance allowing user to easily install high-end overclock RAM with CPU coolers.
– Performance Optimized Design: Optimized 0.4 mm aluminum fins are designed not only for distinctive looks but also for rapid heat dissipation. Tower side flow design optimizes the cooling performance.
– Heat Conductivity: 3 x Φ8 mm solid cooper heat-pipes dissipate heat effectively allowing maximum heat conductivity. Heat-pipes are in Direct Contact with the CPU to ensure fast and efficient heat dissipation.
– PWM and LNC in One: A 120 mm/140 mm PWM fan is fitted to enhance airflow to produce impressive cooling performance up to 1400RPM/1200RPM. LNC (Low Noise Cable) can reduce 38% noise level.

Frio Silent Extreme 14 Dual
– Ultimate Air-Cooling Solution: With dual fans and 6 x Φ6 mm solid-copper heat pipes, the Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual accelerates heat transfer from the CPU onto the copper base for a faster dissipation.
– Dual PWM Fans: Two 140 mm PWM fans are fitted to produce high air flow in silence, with speeds up to 1200 RPM. LNC (Low Noise Cable) can reduce the noise level by up to 38%.
– Dual Tower in Aluminum: Optimized dual tower 0.4 mm aluminum fins are designed for both a distinctive look as well as performance. The tower-side flow design optimizes cooling performance by increasing the connection between hot and cold air.
– Mirror-Finish Copper Base: The copper base makes a perfect contact with the CPU, ensuring fast and efficient heat dissipation. 6 x Φ6 mm solid copper heat pipes dissipate heat effectively, enabling maximum heat conductivity.

For more information on the Thermaltake Frio Silent Series information please visit:
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