Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Case Review

Final Thoughts
So when I first reviewed the Suppressor F51 back in June I called it a solid case. Does that rain true with the F31? It sure does! Thermaltake could have easily released the F31 with the exact same design as the F51, just smaller and people still would have bought it, but they took the time to make improvements. This makes it a great case and one that is easy to work with for the builder, which we believe is most important.

Installing your system in this case is a total breeze. I did not run into a single issue during installation and one of the favorite things is there is quite a lot of room inside to work with. I really like that Thermaltake made the case wider so there is more room behind the motherboard tray. This makes routing cables very easy and painless and like I said if you are lazy like me you really don’t even have to tie your cables down! Thermaltake also re-tooled the rear fan position and mountings as well as add new hard drive trays that work really well.

When it comes to cooling there is more than enough room inside for quite a lot of fans or a good bit of water cooling. At the top of the case you can fit three 120 / 140 mm fans or two 200 mm fans as well as watercooling radiators up to 360mm. At the front you can fit two 120 / 140 mm fans, a single 200 mm or watercooling radiators up to 360mm. You also have the rear, side panel and bottom mounts for fans as well. So if you are going to want to do some extreme cooling you can do it with this case.

Of course the Suppressor line is known for silence and this case is no different. You have sound dampening material on the front door, both side panels and even the top of the case. At the top you have three sound dampening covering that can be removed independently so if you say want to install a single fan you still get the sound dampening properties of two of the covers. During operation this case is whisper quiet.

When I look at this case I feel like many of the newer Thermaltake cases that it really is a builder’s case. Meaning that Thermaltake took their time and researched what would be good and what would make the case easy to build in. On top of that it is super quiet, has a lot of room for cooling and storage and look quite good too!

Another Thermaltake Suppressor case has come under our microscope and we really couldn’t find anything wrong with it and hell they even made adjustments since the F51! Right now you can pick up this case for $99 at our favorite online retailer, which is a great price given all of its features! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Suppressor F51 case a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

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– Lots of room inside to build
– Lots of room for cooling
– Sound dampening material on top, side panels and front
– Sleek design
– Thermaltake made the case wider
– Thermaltake will be offering accessories to add to the case

– None that I found

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