Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler Review


The performance of the TMG IA1 was above average in our test results, but I can’t say that I really enjoyed the sound output on high fan speeds. It was relatively easy to install with the pushpin design, but some may find it to not be as secure as other methods. The security of the fan also had me worried about any loose cables laying around in my case. Certainly the open fan provides more cooling on the fins, but I think some form of a cover could have been implemented into this design.

Overall the TM1 IA1 is the best Thermaltake CPU Cooler we’ve had on our current test system. Surprisingly enough it is also one of the cheaper, that we’ve tested, too running at a retail value of $59.99. You can find the TMG IA1 online for around $10 cheaper than Thermaltake’s MSRP. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small


– Affordable for a Thermaltake CPU Cooler
– Outstanding cooling temperatures
– Easy to install
– Unique fin/fan design
– Blue LED luminance


– Pushpin design lacks support
– VR fan control too short
– Open fan design leaves room for damage
– High fan settings are extremely loud