This is The Ultimate PlayStation 5 Tablet Edition You Have Been Waiting For!!

The PlayStation Portal system enables users to play PlayStation 5 games remotely, but its reliance on an internet connection sets it apart from a dedicated portable system, like a custom console version highlighted in a recently shared online video.

DIY Perks, known for crafting a sleek version of the console last year, has now come up with the world’s first PlayStation 5: Tablet Edition. This innovative creation transforms Sony’s current-gen console into a truly portable device, and the entire process is detailed in the video below. The impressive final product leaves us yearning for Sony to consider an official release of a similar system.

PlayStation 5 Tablet Edition 1920x996 1

After unveiling the PlayStation Portal console and updating the PlayStation 5 hardware, Sony seems to be directing its attention towards the Pro iteration of the current generation console, rumored to hit the market later this year.

The system is set to feature an eight-core Zen 2 CPU operating in the low 4 GHz range, a 60 compute units RDNA 3 custom GPU running at 2500-2800 MHz, and 16 GB GDDR6 memory at 18000MT/s. While the Zen 2 CPU might not appear to be a substantial leap from the base model, it stands out as the most logical choice for several reasons.