Tired of The Renders? Here’s Our First Look At Real Intel Alder Lake CPU

The first real intel Alder Lake CPU picture has finally arrived. No more wait and no more renders needed.

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The Intel 10nm process technology is coming to desktop computers after a long wait. Gregory M. Bryant, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Client Computing Group at Intel, has shared a photo of an engineer carrying 2 Intel Alder Lake CPUs. The company had previously shown some renders but this is in fact the very first official original photograph of the 12th Gen Core processor series.

We do not see a significant difference in design as compared to last year’s leaked ES1 (Engineering Sample 1). There are no noticeable changes from ES2 as well, this edition has been dispatched to partners a few months back. Those partners have begun switching from ES3 to QS (Qualification Samples) since last month.

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Intel will announce Alder Lake on 28th October during the Innovation event. The Intel Alder Lake CPUs are predicted to go on sale right after the announcement. However, dealers cannot ship them until the next 6 days i.e 4th November which is the official launch date of the series. The review embargo date of the series is also November 4th. This date has been changed multiple times previously, but so far this is the final reported date.