Top 4 Construction project management software for project managers in 2021

From planning to delivering the project, construction project managers have to wear multiple hats at the same time to handle all these duties smartly.

Chances are there they lose track of one of these responsibilities, which is why construction project management software comes in handy and flexible for your complex processes.

However, it might be difficult for you to pick the right one for your business with the multiple options available.

Hence, here we have presented the top 4 construction project management software which you use from now.

  • GanttPRO

One of the famous project management techniques is the Gantt Chart approach. By the name, you might have guessed, GanttPRO abides by this principle.

With numerous benefits like working on multiple projects simultaneously, GanttPRO simplifies workflows with effective collaboration and communication.

Besides, it has an excellent visualization feature to view the big picture and plan how to get things done.

It also determines the accurate estimates and thus helps in managing the budget and other resources sensibly.


  • Additional project management features like Kanban, Agile approach can be used in this project management software.
  • Provides customizable templates to cater to your project needs.
  • Pricing starts from $4. 50 with a free trial.

Are you dealing with a high-budget project? Don’t know where to start? Well, FOURSITE, you will get personalized expert support to overcome the obstacles.

Whether you need any assistance or other design services, this construction project management software offers human resources, expertise, and knowledge to complete on time.

For instance, you have legal issues in the construction site, FOURSITE has developed a host of government and utility coordination services to solve it.

Moreover, it has progress monitoring features to control each process keenly for facilitating a seamless process.


  • Offers personal assistance to deal with legal construction issues invariably.
  • Expertise in portfolio budgeting.
  • Have a free trial, and prices are negotiable based upon the assistance.
  • Kendo Manager

A self-hosted construction project management software saves you from extra expense as well as ensures safety.

Kendo Manager is a complete package with various management features applicable to implement multiple project management techniques effectively.

Interestingly, this construction project management software doesn’t require any additional support system as it runs in Windows 10 faster than other software.

You will find the real-time reporting features that enhance the risk analysis, budget tracking, and so notify in case of adversities.


  • Communicate with the team members with advanced collaborative tools.
  • Live notifications via email, message, and in-app to alert you.
  • Analyze milestones, sprints, and scrum instantly.
  • Get a free trial version and a one-time purchase of the premium version at $199.
  • OrangeScrum

Our project doesn’t need complex construction project management software. We need a simple system to plan and monitor all the processes. If these are your conditions, then OrangeScrum fits your shoe perfectly.

It is suitable software for small businesses to large construction firms. Beyond that, the user-friendly interface and customizable design make it approachable by many project managers.

On the other hand, OrangeScrum is an open-source construction project management software; you can rely on its security and foster smoother collaboration with your team members without any interruption.

Since small projects are 28% more successful than other methods when implemented with agile methodology, you can depend on OrangeScrum to skyrocket your project’s success.


  • Gives a glimpse of the project portfolio to the client in an organized way.
  • Establish transparency regarding budget and money.
  • Re-prioritize and reorder your tasks with ease.
  • Certain features are paid at the cost of $9 per month.


Choosing a construction project management software plays a crucial role in succeeding in all your projects. So, do a free trial and choose wisely.