Top Mobile Apps to Boost Your Performance

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Having been initially designed to boost our productive capacity, modern mobile phones connect to the Internet, allows us to work remotely, and allow us to become more productive with no special efforts on our end. Let’s take a look at the best mobile apps that will help you reduce a workload and plan your efforts smartly.

#1. Evernote

It is perhaps one of the most popular note-taking apps everyone has heard of. Evernote has a whole bunch of functions, including synchronization between devices, cross-platform, offline work, etc. Besides, you can take notes of any type — list, audio, video, text, image. You can work together with other users, share your notes, or write your ideas. You can even use the app as the solution for legitimate essay writing services or academic task prioritization. The free version is not baked with multiple features, but you can choose one of the subscriptions with many additional functionalities.

#2. Pushbullet

Pushbullet helps you build a connection between your smartphone and PC. You can reply to messages, send files, and even create notification channels. The application runs on Mac, Windows, and even Linux. The free version of Pushbullet allows you to get acquainted with all the functions, but to use them in full, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

#3. Instant

Instant is a kind of Google Analytics to measure the productivity of your life. The application gives you access to a bulletin board, which shows you how much time you spend sleeping, executing particular tasks, chatting on social networks, etc. Besides, you can regularly receive weekly reports to have an idea of ​​how effectively you spend your time.

#4. Todoist

Due to numerous tasks, we are often lost and do not understand how to prioritize our time and efforts. This is where Todolist will be of great service to you. The application in the form of a task list can be adapted to any user and synchronized between any devices you have at hand. Prioritizing tasks and visualizing the list, a user can clearly see what to do next to achieve the desired result. The service also provides teamwork support and can be integrated with various services and programs. For more convenient synchronization, the Todolist application works on all platforms and is available as a browser extension and an email plug-in.

#5. Mindly

Mindmaps are loved by many users for their simple and intuitive interface. By the way, you can also run the app to build smart maps. The method created by Tony Buzer helps structure ideas in one understandable way and systematize any issues related to the work or project. Mindly allows building maps right in your smartphone. The application helps to create all-the-same smart cards in the form of infographics.

Each Mindly project looks like an area with branches, where you can write down the steps or ideas to do the main task. In the application, you can run several projects at once, set colors for them depending on priority, change the font, and even insert emoji in the task description.

#6. Hours

With Hours, you will know exactly how much time you have spent working with a team on a particular project. This simple and intuitive time tracker allows you to properly manage your work time and effectively manage all current projects. The main feature of the application is associated with the ability to synchronize data between tablets. For example, you can start the time tracker in a browser and then continue to work through your smartphone — Hours will take into account all the time spent.