Top Recommendations How to Perform Link Building Successfully

Every SEO-optimizer often has to look for quality links. Today we will give you directions for work and methods for selecting sites for links. Let’s start with learning some successful tools to use in your everyday work:

  • Submission links: posting information about your business on external sites with a link to the target site;
  • Articles: guest posts on external resources;
  • Crowd marketing — interaction with the target audience on third-party Internet resources to draw attention to the product/service.

These three tools are effective for the majority of websites, and they should be your leading stars when making your SEO-strategy from scratches. It will take some time if you do it on your own, but remember that you can always turn to the effective backlink builder and accelerate this process. Now, let’s proceed to the expected results of these tools.

link building 1

1)     Submission links

Submitting means placing of information about your service or business on external sites with a link to the thematic page. Among the submissions, people usually use the following ones:

  • directories;
  • review sites;
  • cartographic services.

Submitting is good for promoting local business, for example beauty salons, legal services, car maintenance, etc. Since you can specify the location and contact info in them, search engines are more likely to take this into account. Thanks to online maps, you can not only get links but also significantly increase your website traffic. The same applies to the review sites, where if you managed to occupy the top positions — you can completely forget about SEO promotion.

2)     Articles

In fact, article marketing is the placement of publications on third-party sites with links to a promoted website. There are 2 ways to implement it: paid and free. Buying an article is the easiest option if you don’t want to create quality and interesting content. Just arrange the purchase of an article with a link to your site on an authoritative resource. If you can offer high-quality content that will be interesting to readers of the site, then it is quite realistic to post material with a link to your site for free.

link building 2

3)     Crowd marketing

This tool enables interaction with the target audience on thematic platforms (forums, Q&A sites, blogs) to attract attention to a product or service. This is a great way to get backlinks in the Western market. If you manage to naturally join the discussion, then the flow of interested users is guaranteed. To do that, it is important to provide with really expert content that will be useful to people and only then attach the link.


Most of the tools to get links are conditionally free, but at the same time, they require a lot of time for building processes of the link-building. If you don’t feel like having much time for this, it is better to delegate this function to the professionals.