TRYX Panorama Becomes World’s First AIO Cooler To Feature Curved AMOLED Screen

The newest liquid cooler, the TRYX Panorama Exhibition Area, features an integrated pump and radiator, complemented by a spacious AMOLED screen measuring 6.5 inches—similar to the average smartphone size. Once installed, the screen is positioned to face the user for optimal viewing.

A noteworthy feature is the curved screen, which the advertisement claims can produce intriguing 3D visual effects. Beneath it lies an 8th generation Asetek water pump.


The Panorama AIO cooler is unquestionably targeted towards enthusiasts seeking to make their systems stand out. Reports indicate that the more affordable version of this AIO cooler will be priced at 2099 RMB, approximately $290.


PANORAMA Exhibition Area is one of the first globally released integrated water-cooled radiators with curved AMOLED screens. It features a 6.5-inch AMOLED curved screen, which can achieve naked eye 3D visual effects. The water pump adopts ASETEK’s eighth generation water pump.”

Source & Images: @wnxod