Tulpar To Launch A New 8-inch Gaming Handheld Powered By Intel Meteor Lake-H Processor

During the IEM 2024 event in Katowice, Poland, Tuplar, a UK-based gaming equipment company, is introducing its newest product – a gaming handheld. Known for its expertise in gaming gear, including laptops, keyboards, headsets, and monitors, Tuplar seems poised to enter a new market segment, as demonstrated to event attendees who had the chance to try out the handheld and participate in gaming activities.


The Tuplar gaming handheld boasts an 8-inch screen and a traditional configuration comprising two joysticks, a D-pad, buttons, and triggers. Yet, upon a more thorough examination, it becomes evident that the design closely mirrors a handheld device that emerged several months ago.

The design appears to originate from Emdoor, a company recognized for its development of an 8-inch screen handheld featuring an Intel Meteor Lake-H processor and LPDDR5X memory. However, no further specifications were confirmed during that period, predating the introduction of Intel’s new Core Ultra series.


Evidently, Tuplar’s adoption of the Emdoor OEM design for their handheld implies that the product isn’t entirely original and wasn’t exclusively crafted by Tuplar. This revelation, however, paves the way for the possibility of other companies embracing the Emdoor design for their handhelds and incorporating their logos.

Intel has halted funding for the NUC (Next Unit of Compute) group, which concentrated on small form factor systems. Despite this, Intel has a track record of creating reference products like the NUC Laptop Kits. The Intel ecosystem could have greatly gained from a reference handheld design, potentially sparking interest from diverse companies in this burgeoning market.


The teaser from Intel lacks additional information regarding the availability and pricing of the device.

Source: Intel