Unboxing the Logitech Tablet Keyboard

Tablets have really made a push this year and they are no longer novelty devices. They can be serious productivity machines and gaming machines. With that said it is very hard to be productive on a touch interface. Many people want a keyboard and that is where the Logitech Tablet Keyboard comes in. The keyboard is small and lightweight and designed for easy travel. It also comes with a nice carrying case that doubles and a stand for your tablet. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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Info: Lightweight. Versatile. Easygoing. This keyboard-and-stand combo is designed to travel easily, set up quickly and add a touch of convenience to all the places you use your Android tablet.

Keeps a low profile
The compact keyboard combines the best of traditional keyboards and laptop keyboards, for a great experience wherever you use your tablet.

Does double duty
On the go, the carrying case helps protect your keyboard. And once you arrive, it converts into a sturdy stand for your tablet that’s adjustable to just the right angle.

Speaks tablet
The keyboard pairs easily with your Android tablet over Bluetooth® wireless. Use it on your desk, lap or anywhere within 30 feet of your tablet.*

Plays along
You get media controls—like play, pause, volume up and volume down—right at your fingertips.

Gives you options
The separate stand means you can place your tablet just where you like it—in landscape or portrait mode—for more freedom than other types of portable keyboards.

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