Unreleased AMD Radeon Pro Prototype With Full Vega 20 GPU Spotted

“NeedsMoreGPUs” evaluated an uncommon AMD graphics card. AMD introduced many Vega 20 versions, including a workstation, data center, and gaming cards. Radeon VII, a high-end variant with 3840 cores, 16GB HBM2 memory, and over 1 TB/s of bandwidth, is by far the most well-known SKU.

Radeon Pro VII, a workstation variation of the non-Pro version, Radeon Instinct MI50 and MI60 (with 3840 and 4096 cores, respectively), and Radeon Pro Vega II are all based on the Vega 20 architecture. The former is arguably the most intriguing aspect of Vega 20, which is specific to Apple Mac computers. AMD manufactured two cards with either one or two Vega 20 GPUs per board. By far, this was the most powerful Radeon GPU AMD has ever made.

In the software, the prototype spotted by Redditor is identified as Radeon Pro VII. Simultaneously, Device PCI ID matches Radeon Instinct MI60, indicating that this prototype is something in between the two. Redditor shared a PCB image of the card with a Vega 20 GPU and four HBM2 memory stacks. It uses around 300W of power and is powered by two power connections (8+6-pin). One may also observe the connections used just for development, indicating that this is not a finished product.

In testing conducted in the real world, the GPU performs below its maximum speed. The single-precision computation speed is around 13.5 TFLOPs, while the memory read speed is 6614 MB/s. Based on the information accessible online, this prototype may have become the Radeon Pro V420. However, we cannot yet say the same for Navi 3X GPUs, despite the fact that the Vega 20 product family has an interesting background and a wide variety of models.

Via Reddit

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