Intel Is Working On Arc GPU with 16 Xe-Cores

CompuBench reveals that Intel may be developing a new graphics card with 16 Xe-cores. Until now, only the mobile Arc A550M has 16 Xe-Cores, and its GPU is ACM-G10. Newly uncovered on a benchmarking website, a new card appears to be clocked at a far greater speed, indicating that it is not a mobile model.

Intel has yet to release its Arc A580 desktop graphics card, to be specific. This model was introduced some months ago, and there have been no modifications since then. This time, however, the business took care to avoid mentioning a launch date; thus, Intel is only aware of the launch date.

In the meanwhile, Intel may still be evaluating a new card internally. On the CompuBench website, an Arc GPU with 256 Compute Units and a clock speed ranging from 2400 to 2450 MHz has been identified. This card is obviously not the mobile A550M but rather an unannounced desktop model.

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With 256 stated Compute Units, this indicates a setup of 16 Xe-Cores. The A580 desktop variant is reportedly equipped with 24 cores. It is thus a change in specifications for the A580, or it is yet another model that we are unfamiliar with. It might potentially be one of the recently disclosed Mainstream/Performance GPUs. These cards will debut towards the end of this quarter. Intel is apparently developing the ACM-G12 third Arc GPU. This desktop model ought to be compatible with a GPU that has exactly 16 Xe-Cores.

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CompuBench is likely the last benchmark a gamer would have selected for comparison, but it’s the only one we have at the moment. A short examination of A770 performance reveals that it is, on average, 42% slower than A770. Considering that this GPU will only have 16 Xe-Cores activated, technically, it should operate at half the speed.

Via CompuBench

Images Credit: Intel/RedGamingTech