Intel To Release Another Major GPU Driver Update With Increased Performance

As per PC Games Hardware, Intel is preparing a performance-boosting driver upgrade. A few months back, this German website provided an exhaustive overview of Intel GPU driver status. As is well-known, Intel’s graphics team was quite candid about the problems with Arc GPU drivers from the beginning. It is also not a secret that the software was the major obstacle to the timely delivery of Arc GPUs.

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Intel published a huge driver upgrade that greatly changed DirectX9 API performance a few weeks ago. The business stressed that the Arc Alchemist GPU series is well-tuned for DirectX12 and Vulkan APIs, but it will take time to prepare them for older games. Moreover, drivers are the most frequently cited issue with Intel ARC GPUs and the primary reason why users opt for NVIDIA or AMD instead.

According to the PCGH post, Intel has “found and eliminated” the GPU driver bottleneck. Without specifics, the website asserts that its knowledgeable sources anticipate a significant driver upgrade from Intel. Unfortunately, it is unknown when these drivers will be made available.

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As for the present situation of GPU drivers, PCGH has compiled a list of 66 prominent titles. They chose a variety of graphics APIs and unusual and well-known titles for compatibility testing, and here are the findings.

Only one of the 66 games tested had significant texture difficulties (Halo Infinite); however, Intel is aware of the problem, and the team is already working on a solution. Some games continue to alert players about incompatible/outdated drivers, which is regrettably unresolved for some titles and extremely frustrating for gamers using the most recent Intel drivers.

Additionally, Arc GPUs have undergone a major redesign, and the future looks bright for Intel GPUs. If Intel delivers another significant performance boost in the near future, Arc GPUs will finally be able to compete.

Via PC Games Hardware