First PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD Storage Is Here For $385

CFD Gaming’s first SSD of the next generation is currently available for sale in Japan. CFD Gaming was among the first to provide consumer SSDs with a read speed of 10 GB/s. In terms of sequential read performance, their next-gen storage based on the NVMe 2.0 spec and built with a PCIe Gen5 interface will provide up to 10 GB/s, and in terms of sequential write speed, up to 9.5 GB/s.

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The SSDs use Micron’s 3D TLC NAND flash technology and are based on PHISON ELECTRONICS’s “PS5026-E26” technology. After a two-month delay, it appears that the 2TB version of this storage is finally available in Japan. Currently, only the 2TB model is available for around $385 (49,980 Yen). The 1TB and 4TB variants are not currently available in retail channels.

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The storage would cost about $350 on the US market without the Japanese sales tax, which is included in this pricing. This indicates that the pricing is around 13% more than Samsung’s current high-end storage device, the 990 PRO. CFD Gaming is a storage manufacturer for the Japanese market that utilizes the PCIe Gen4 interface.

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It is still unknown whether there are intentions to sale these SSDs to other countries or not. However, as far as we know, this is the first gaming PCIe Gen5 storage that is now available for sale. The business has not confirmed if this solid-state drive is possible to use without the original heatsink, but CFD suggests ensuring that the PC chassis has appropriate airflow prior to installing the drive.