NVIDIA’s Quad-Slot GeForce RTX 4090Ti/TITAN 800W Graphics Card Pictured

MEGAsizeGPU, a hardware leaker, has disclosed the design of the forthcoming NVIDIA RTX 40 GPU. The reported RTX 4090Ti/TITAN would have a four-slot configuration and stacked display connections on the I/O bracket. This unusual architecture proves that NVIDIA intended to mount the PCB vertically all along.

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The leaker says that the card’s name is RTX 4090 Ti/TITAN; however, the exact name of this graphics card has not been verified yet. The PCB board number, on the other hand, is PG137. This was the board number initially indicated for the so-called “Beast” GPU with a max TDP of 800W.

In addition, the new image reveals a gold cooler design, which is typical of the NVIDIA TITAN series. The card would have a unique design with stacked display ports (one HDMI and three DisplayPort), confirming earlier speculations and leaked images. The RTX 40 “Ada” flagship GPU from NVIDIA will sport a vertical PCB architecture.

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The TITAN ADA graphics card may include as many as 18176 CUDA cores and as much as 48GB of RAM, according to the latest speculations. This may be the first NVIDIA card to ship with GDDR6X modules capable of 24 Gbps. The 450W TDP of the RTX 4090 is not similar to the 800W TDP that is being quoted; rather, the maximum board power is 600W.

There is currently no sign that this GPU will be launched in the near future. However, given that so many images have been released, there is little question that the quad-slot RTX 40 design has been in production for quite some time.
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