Vastarmor Finally Reveals Its Custom Radeon RX 7900 XT Starry Sky GPU

After the initial announcement by AMD, Vastarmor was supposed to release its customized version of the Radeon RX 7900 graphics card in December. However, it has been two months since then, and the Chinese graphics card manufacturer has only released renders of the card, not the actual product itself.

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After being delayed for two months, Vastarmor, the Chinese GPU manufacturer, has released renders of their custom Radeon RX 7900 XT card. The company has not yet provided any information on the XTX model. The RX 7900 XT is a fully custom design and comes equipped with dual 8-pin power connectors and a brand-new triple-fan cooler. It will be one of the few cards, alongside PowerColor Red Devil, to feature a black and red color scheme and has been named “Starry Sky”.

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Vastarmor’s latest desktop GPU, the RX 7900 XT Starry Sky, adheres to AMD reference specifications with a clock speed of up to 2394 MHz, despite not being a factory-overclocked model. The GPU utilizes the Navi 31 architecture, boasting 5376 cores and 20 GB of GDDR6 memory. Display output for the card is configured with three DP 2.0 and one HDMI 2.0 ports, while a full cover backplate with an X-shaped logo is also included.

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The Vastarmor RX 7900 XT is currently available for purchase in China, with prices starting at 6999 RMB (equivalent to approximately 1019 USD). As Vastarmor only sells its products in China, the possibility of these cards being available elsewhere is unlikely.

Via Vastarmor, VideoCardz