VertDesk v3 Electric Sit Stand Desk Review


To get started you are going to want to get everything out of the boxes and set it all out. With the actual desk piece you should put it down on a towel or something like that so it does not get scratched.

VertDesk v3

Once you have the desk on the floor face down go ahead and take the left leg and line it up with the pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the desk. The next part is a little tricky. Take the motor assembly and insert the hex rod through it and into the left drive input hole. When you do this the hex rod should slide all the way into the leg.

VertDesk v3 VertDesk v3

Now take the right leg and line it up with the holes on the opposite side of the desk. Carefully insert the hex rod into right leg input hole. The first couple of times we tried this it actually did not line up. What you are supposed to do is turn the hex rod 1/6″ or 1/3″ of a turn with an adjustable wrench. It was a bit annoying trying to get it line up and inserted correctly. With it finally in go ahead and tighten the motor mounting bolts. Now take the cross support and install it on the cross support brackets. With that installed you can screw in the left and right legs.

VertDesk v3 VertDesk v3

Finally you need to install the power and control box as well as the U-channel. There are pre-drilled holes for both items. Oddly enough we were sent both a normal switch (up/down) and a programmable switch. Initially I did not mount the programmable switch as I wanted to see where it would be fit. With everything installed your setup should look something like what you see below.

VertDesk v3 VertDesk v3

Now all you have to do carefully flip the desk over. Once completed I did notice my hands were filthy. I think it had to do with handling the hex bar, be sure you don’t accidentally rub up against it or handle it without washing your hands after.

VertDesk v3 VertDesk v3

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