Video Marketing: Our 3 Tips for a Great Strategy

The video continues its expansion in uses and participates in the mutation of the digital ecosystem. Regardless of its format, it is over-consumed by all users of the web. Video marketing therefore represents a real potential for companies and brands to express their values, assets or tell their story.

The video marketing boom in 2018:

During the year 2018, there was a shift in the consumption of video by Internet users. The behavior and the expectations of Internet users’ vis-à-vis the video have evolved, the different platforms of diffusion thus had to adapt. Consumers who are video consumers are looking for more and more interactivity Wondershare Uniconverter. This is how we saw new features appear on YouTube in particular. For example, the ability to poll or answer questions while continuing to view the video and at specific locations within it.

Following a study done by Google / YouTube in 2018, we realized that users of the platform are less and less in search but rather in navigation. This means that the use of YouTube is more and more entertainment and those users are looking rather to find content that resembles them to consume content. This illustrates how the uses of YouTube videos have evolved in recent years.

Even from a point of view of video advertising on YouTube, the uses have changed. Since 2018, it’s possible to add action-based incentives to your video ads with Trueview for action campaigns. Thus, it became possible to make a purchase directly via a YouTube advertisement or to sign for a service.

In 2019, what will it give?

Always in the dynamic of offering a more qualitative experience to users, using video as a tool that allows to create the connection between Internet users and a company, personalized or adaptive video will be democratized. If this type of video is foreign to you: these are videos generated according to the user who browses your site. This video will be tuned according to the tastes and sensitivity of the user, and thus significantly increase the attention to your video.

This technology is used for the moment rather on websites, it is not excluded that one day platforms like YouTube uses this kind of technologies. Tesla had, for example, used similar technology to offer the perfect Tesla car for you based on your habits. All you had to do was answer a few questions and get a personalized video showing the Tesla car that’s right for you.

Many video formats have emerged in recent years and will continue to expand in our uses. 360 videos and augmented reality are among the formats that have been growing the most for several months. Luckily we can use various tools to change our video format, for example from M4V to MP4, AVI to MP4 and so on.

We all spend an average of 45 minutes a day watching online videos on our smartphone.

Create a more relevant and effective video strategy:

Faced with these new consumer behaviors and the emergence of new features, video marketing will have to be at the heart of your digital strategies in 2019.

1- Use the right audience to spark action:

We could advise you to work on the creativity of your advertising, on the ways you could make it inspiring and impactful. Nevertheless, even with the most inspiring publicity possible, if it is not broadcast to the right people, its impact will be limited.

2- Use all available formats to be present throughout the customer journey:

Multi-screens are entirely part of current uses. On mobile, we look for short and relevant content. On PC, we will enjoy longer contents that deal with the subject more deeply. The idea is not to rebroadcast a TV spot on YouTube for mobile use for example.

3- The importance of data and the measurement of your strategy:

This last point is, obviously, central to all your digital strategies. For a video marketing strategy, it’s even more important to stay alert on your KPIs. Since the strategy relies on the work of the audience and the format in relation to the habits of your audience, the data collected will be your common thread.

All in all, we know that video is inspiring, that it triggers emotions and that it is likely to create an immediate need. Associated with the over-consumption of video today, this only highlights the weight of this strategic lever.

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