ViewSonic VLED221wm 22-inch Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor Review

Final Thoughts
This has to be one of the best LCD’s that I have reviewed. As soon as you turn it on you can instantly tell the difference between it and previous LCD’s that you have used. The vibrant colors are amazing and make everything, even surfing the web more enjoyable. Like I said earlier the VLED221 is one of the only LCD’s out there that can represent 118% of the NTSC color gamut and that really makes a difference. This makes the display great for photo editing since the colors are so rich.

The black levels on this display are amazing too, the blackest black that I have seen from any 1 LCD panel. Many people will appreciate that. It is great for watching movies and working with video files. I’ve never seen an LCD that looks like it’s turned off when I do the all black test.

Besides the performance this is a ViewSonic LCD so you know it is going to look good. The black glossy bezel really set this LCD off, and is it very thin and sleek, which I like. The stand is nice, but does not allow for vertical adjustment and you also are not able to swivel the LCD like we have been able to do on other ViewSonic displays. The cable management system on the back of the display is a plus.

All in all this is the best LCD I have been able to take a look at. Anyone who purchases it will be pleased. When the VLED first came out in February it was $800, but now you can get it for around $450 online, which is still expensive for a 22-inch monitor, but you won’t be disappointed in the performance. Overall ThinkComputers gives the ViewSonic VLED221wm 22-inch Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

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– Ability to represent 118% of the NTSC color gamut
– 12000:1 contrast ratio
– Black levels are amazing
– Thin and sleek design

– No vertical adjustment or ability to swivel the display

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