WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS Review

WD My Cloud OS Overview & WD Software
Once you have your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra all configured you will be brought to the administration panel. From here you can make changes, and see what is all going on inside your NAS. Instead of bore you with a ton of screenshots we made a video going over the entire administration panel. This NAS is running WD’s My Cloud OS 3 and it works quite well.

Now that you have your NAS all configured and setup you can easily drag and drop files into the folders you created, but what about automatic backups and folder syncing? WD has a bunch of different applications and apps you can use for this. They all can be downloaded here.

First we will talk about the WD SmartWare application, which is currently only available for Windows. It will allow you to set scheduled backups to different storage devices. You can backup to any WD drive using this software. If you want to backup to non-WD drives or online services like Dropbox you will have to purchase the full version of the software.


The software makes backing up very easy as it organizes the files on your PC into groups and you can backup those groups. If you want to go more in-depth you can backup specific folders and files.


When you hover over the SmartWare icon in your system tray it will give you a quick look at what is going on with your WD devices.


You can also click on the icon and it brings up a menu with all of your WD drives listed. If we select the My Cloud EX2 Ultra we can easily open the admin dashboard, open the drive in explorer, map network drives and more. This is great for first time users who might not know how to do these things in Windows. For Mac users there is a WD application called WD Access that does the same thing.


WD Sync is an application that allows you to keep your files synced across multiple computers. It is much like setting up a Google Drive or Dropbox account. You can select the folders you want to sync and if any of the files are changed on any of your systems or the NAS all of the systems are updated accordingly.


WD also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android. I tested it out for iOS and it gives you a live view of all of the files on your NAS, allows you to view them, download them, and upload files directly to the NAS. It also has an option to backup your camera roll automatically, which is a great feature as you know your pictures will always be backed up!

IMG_9605 IMG_9604 IMG_9603 IMG_9602

Finally you can access your files on the web at anytime by going to MyCloud.com and entering in your credentials. Just like with the mobile app you can see all of your files, download and upload.


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