What Are the Most Popular Online Games Of 2021?

The online gaming craze around the world has left no country immune. Regardless if you’re on the Northern or Southern hemisphere, online games are popular to some extent in your country. The same goes for New Zealand where online gaming and gambling has made incredible progress.

The most popular way to play games online is via game consoles or PC. Depending on what you’re a fan of, you can also play a variety of games for fun or real money in online casinos. For example, Dunder casino NZ has over 2,700 casino games so there’s no question you’ll find a slot or table game to like.

Of course, those are not nearly as popular as console and PC online games with fanbases of millions. On the list below, we’ll give you the top online games in 2021.

Division 2

The sequel to Ubisoft’s sleeper hit Division puts you in Washington D.C. You and your team will be engaged in multiplayer battles with others in a civil war between marauders and survivors. It’s a game with a complex plot and diverse mission layout that you can play with your friends.


Short for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, PUBG has been one of the biggest multiplayer online games for a few years. It’s a realistic battle royale game in a player vs. player setting with up to 100 on a map. You’ll be doing more than just shooting, though – PUBG requires survival skills as well. The fact that the game is free to play on mobile devices means that it currently features over 400 million players worldwide. Insane.

Among Us

A game of deception that’s especially fun with friends, Among Us is a massive multiplayer hit. It is played in groups of 4-10 people with one of them being a parasitic shapeshifting alien who looks like the rest.

Your goal is to find the imposter before he kills you all. It’s a fun ride that is best played with friends, although you can join unknown players online too.


Hearthstone is a virtual digital collectable card game that was created as an experiment by Blizzard, the creator of Warcraft. It has become a major hit since landing on PC and consoles, with nearly 30 million active players worldwide.


A tactical shooter that’s one of the earliest multiplayer games as well, CS:GO remains a competitive game with millions of fans. It’s also been central to the success of Esports tournaments, with many of them featuring prize pools worth millions.


Fortnite is a free to play shooter and battle royale game that has around 5 million active players worldwide. The in-game construction elements let players build walls and other structures from resources that makes the game even more fun to play.

The fast-paced gameplay and crazy characters give it the fuel it needs to become one of the most dominant multiplayer shooters of all time.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends can be compared to Fortnite in terms of fanbase and game type. It is currently in its fourth season and looks set to dethrone Fortnite and Overwatch as the best free to play shooter. In 2019, it had over 50 million active players, and the number is surely much higher now.