Why Playing Games On PC Is Better Than Consoles?

Console gaming versus PC gaming is a tale as old as consoles themselves and there are heated opinions on both sides of the fence. The PC invariably comes out on top however, and this prompts criticism from console gamers which is often unfounded.

When discussing consoles the element of control is always brought up, which gives the PC the edge over your average console. This allows users to customise their rig to suit their preferences, whether it’s playing The Witcher 3 with the best graphics or playing on PayPal casinos on www.paypal-casinos.co. This also makes a PC more cost effective, as you can splash out on the bits you want to place an emphasis on and you can pay less for basic components.


The cost basis of a PC versus a console is also interesting when it comes to comparing graphics. The cost of an Xbox One or PS4 seems ludicrous when you realise you can build a PC that far outstrips the console for less. This means that console gamers pay more for less, which is even more visible when you compare screengrabs of console versus PC games. Development studios have even been criticised for using PC graphics to represent the game on all devices, which is not how it looks the vast majority of the time. IGN have also been criticised for their blatant use of PC screenshots when discussing console games in an attempt to make the console seem as good as the PC version.

PC gamers also enjoy a lower cost per game, on average, especially when taking into account legendary sales like the ones on Steam. More and more developers are waking up to the fact that PC gamers will pay a reduced amount for a digital copy but the overall orders will be much higher. This extra value for money has PC gamers playing on a rig that costs less with a game that cost less and performs better.


Mods are also a huge factor in how PC gamers take more ownership of their games. This allows users to customise their experience and take the game to the next level. This can be anything from enhanced texture packs to dressing the main character up in ridiculous clothes for the duration of the adventure. One notable mod that helped many fans of the Dragon Age series replaced all of the spider based enemies with other ones from the game. This may not seem like much to the average player but many with arachnophobia were able to play this game on PC when they wouldn’t have been able to on console.


Another thing that makes PC gaming more accessible is the type of controller used, whether it’s for comfort or necessity. Many with disabilities simply can’t use the traditional controller of the Xbox One or PS4 and PCs give them a way to access the game. Even for those that just prefer to use a keyboard and mouse combination are offered this additional option through PC gaming.


All of these factors amount to an overwhelming argument for the PC when compared to mainstream consoles. This may change with the evolution of console games but for now the PC is still king in all of these areas, although the Steam console may begin to wear away at the all powerful PC.

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