Windows 10 Passes Windows 7 In Global Market Share

According to StatCounter, which is a web analytics company 2018 was the year we saw a flip in the most popular operating system. This year Windows 10 finally surpassed the old and very trustworthy Windows 7. As per the StatCounter data in January 2018 Windows 10 represented 42.78 of the worldwide desktop market share, that is just a little bit above Windows 7’s 41.86%. Then you have Windows 8 with only 8.72%.

windows10 stats

While there are many different ways to try and judge what OS people are using this is the first time we’ve seen Windows 10 reported to surpass Windows 7 in terms of live systems. It is clear that Windows 10 is gaining traction against Windows 7 and we should see more reports like this in 2018 from other firms.

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