Windows 10 Update ‘Redstone’ Expected in 2016

It looks like there is a new codename on the Microsoft roadmap, it is called Redstone. From what we are hearing it will be a large update to Windows 10 expected in 2016. Windows 10, which was codenamed “Threshold” is to be released this summer. In the fall there is going to be a large update to Windows 10, which will still be called Threshold. This will be in addition to smaller and regularly released updated and fixes.

Windows 10

The plan for Microsoft is to have the same summer / fall release schedule as this year and the updates for 2016 will be called “Redstone”. Redstone will not be Windows 11 or Windows 12, it will still likely be Windows 10. Redstone will be a larger update from what we are hearing and will add new support classes for new devices that are not already part of Windows 10. The update will be delivered automatically to Windows 10 users as part of their regular updates.

We are expecting Redstone to have core features of the operating system that did not make the cut in time to be included in Windows 10 this year.

Source: ZDnet | News Archive

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