Wren V5AP AirPlay Speaker for Apple iOS Devices Review

Setup & Usage
I was actually surprised at how easy the V5AP was to set up. They do include a 30pin cable for iOS devices to set everything up. If you have a newer iOS device with a lightning connector it will work as well. Make sure your iOS device is connected to your WiFi then go ahead and plug it into the USB port on the back of the V5AP. Turn the V5AP on and then press and release the setup button on the back of the unit. A prompt will pop up on your iDevice asking you to allow sharing of your WiFi settings. Select allow and the WiFi indicator on the unit will blink amber then turn solid white when it is connected to the WiFi.


From there all you have to do on your iOS device is swipe up from the bottom and select the AirPlay button.


Here you will get an option and just select the Wren V5AP and you can start listening to music!


Want to play music from your PC or Mac on the V5AP? Well you can as well if you have iTunes installed it will give you the same option. I had no issues playing music wirelessly from my Windows PC to the V5AP using iTunes.


Now here is the important part, how does the V5AP sound? When I first started listening to the V5AP I was very impressed. For a small unit it had some very impressive sound. I had it in my office for most of the testing and it sure had no problem filling the entire room with sound.

I listened to pretty much every type of music on the V5AP from trance and techno to rap and hip hop. I was really surprised and how vibrant the sound was. It is extremely crisp and I would hear things that I wouldn’t normally when using the $100 PC speakers I have. Music sounded great at all levels and I was surprised that I could really crank the music up quite loud and there was no distortion. The bass was also quite powerful and had a lot of umph to it. This has to be one of the best sounding speakers of its size that I have had the chance to test.

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