X2 Presents the XPAD and XPAD PRO XXXL Gaming Mouse Pads

X2 brings a whole new lot of mouse pads for the ultimate gamers; the XPAD and the XPAD Pro. With smooth surfaces for the mouse to easily move around and high quality professional designs, the mouse pads by X2 are everything a gamer needs to enjoy the gaming adventure without hindrances.


The mouse pads end with a glossy textured cloth finish which not only provides a comfortable journey for the mouse but also prove good for its overall condition. The mouse pads by X2 are also anti-slip as they have a foam rubber bottom layer which easily stays on all sorts of surfaces. The pressure exerted from your palm will also be reduced once you don’t have to keep the mouse and the mouse pad under control. Hence, this mouse pad supports long hours of gaming without causing tiredness.


You can get these mouse pads in two different sizes; the standard size is the 40 x 30 cm, priced at USD 15.95 and the larger XXXL mouse pad’s size is 120 x 60 cm, priced at USD 44.95. Even the standard version is big enough to allow for a larger surface to glide the mouse through. Both these models are fully compatible with optical sensor as well as the laser mice.

Source: X2 | News Archive