XFORMA MBX MKII Limited Edition Case Announced

XFORMA who creates premium PC cases and accessories has announced the MBX MKII Limited Edition PC Case and it is now available for pre-order. There will be a limited run of only 250 of these cases and they will be manufactured by SilverStone Technology.


“Conversations with our Customers over the years led us to conclude that there’s legitimate interest in a precision-crafted, ultra-refined product like the MKII. Every other area of consumer electronics has a premium segment except desktop PC cases, and we’re proud to introduce the MKII into this underserved segment of the market.” -Charles Harwood, Founder of XFORMA.


The big thing that XFORMA says the MBX MKII will do for a builder is that it eliminates the need for extensive DIY tools or skills to achieve a beautiful, tailor-made result.


The case is not for everyone though, the case itself in its base configuration will cost $1250 and original add-on parts designed specifically for the MKII will keep the price going up.

For more information check out the product page.

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