Xigmatek Announces TYR-SD962 CPU Cooler

Xigmatek has just announced their latest entry-level CPU cooler in the TYR-SD962. This is your typical tower-type heatsink, but the base of this cooler actually has a small heatsink on it as well to help out with cooling. The cooler features two 6 mm-thick copper heatpipes that will direct contact with your CPU.

Xigmatek TYR-SD962

The cooler is ventilated by Xigamatek’s own 9225 fluid-dynamic bearing fan. This PWM fan spins between 1200 and 2800 RPM and has a noise level of 28 dBA. The heatsink weighs in at 320 g and has official dimensions of 65 mm x 85 mm x 121 mm (excluding the fan). The cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 100W and is compatible with LGA1150, FM2+ and AM3+ sockets.

Xigmatek TYR-SD962

Source: TechpowerUp! | News Archive

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