XSPC Razor GTX690 GeForce GTX 690 Waterblock Review

I have to say this collection of XSPC products has been very impressive to say the least. Known as a value driven brand, XSPC has not been considered to be top performers. However as the Razer GTX 690 has shown, it is possible to not only come in cheaper, but also perform better than your peers. From overall looks to overall performance and price, the Razer GTX 690 impresses. At $20 cheaper than the Koolance equivalent, it still beat it by 3 degrees Celsius!

However there are a few things that make me leery of this block. The first being the machining of the copper. Hands down, it is just sloppy work and below industry standard for finish. The second is the location of the multi port. Although the port itself is great, I found it’s location to be inconvenient. Finally I feel that there could be more padding/protection for the product in the box. I can easily see one of these arriving scratched the way it comes now.

Overall, ThinkComputers.org awards the XSPC Razer GTX690 an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Price
– Looks
– Performance
– Flexibility

– Finish
– Packaging
– Ease of installation