You Can Now Buy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Ti Quad-Slot I/O Bracket On eBay

The RTX 4090 Ti, a product that was never officially released, has recently emerged for sale, although it’s only available in a partial form. It has made an appearance in China’s black market as a prototype cooler. The complete prototype board, intended to house the AD102 GPU for the rumored RTX 4090 Ti graphics card, has not been seen so far. Nonetheless, it’s clear that NVIDIA had intentions for a more powerful version.


You can currently find a quad-slot I/O bracket on eBay that supports three DisplayPort and one HDMI connector. It seems that the supplier of these brackets became impatient while waiting for NVIDIA’s order, prompting them to offer these special brackets for just $24.8, including free shipping. This price is quite reasonable for such a unique collector’s item.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX 4090TI HERO 1 e1674922897783

The presence of stacked display connectors on the card is a consequence of the unconventional PCB orientation. The alleged RTX 4090 Ti was planned to feature a unique board design rotated by 90 degrees. This setup would have aligned the board parallel to the motherboard, ensuring unhindered airflow for effective cooling, potentially reaching the claimed 600 to 800W cooling capacity as some leakers have suggested.

Nonetheless, this distinctive design was never released to the market, whether under the names RTX 4090, RTX 4090 Ti, or RTX TITAN ADA, all of which were previously under consideration as possible candidates for this innovative concept.


Thus far, none of the sources leaking information have indicated any possible enhancements to the AD102 GPU for gaming purposes. The RTX 4090 presently reigns supreme in gaming performance, leaving little room for competition in this category. Consequently, NVIDIA doesn’t see the need to introduce a faster GPU, as many higher-spec AD102 chips are already destined for workstation systems. Additionally, despite the RTX 4090 being on the market for a year, it continues to maintain its value exceptionally well.

Source: eBay