You Will Soon Able To Install OLED Screen On Nintendo Switch Lite

The release of an official Nintendo Switch Lite OLED model is doubtful, as Nintendo is focused on its next console. However, players might soon have the option to install an OLED screen on the console themselves.

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Yesterday, Twitter user Taki Udon posted images of a prototype for an OLED modification, enabling users to add an OLED screen to the handheld-only version of the popular console, Nintendo Switch Lite. The user suggested that if released, this modification might cost around $25-50 and could feature an HDMI output, transforming the Switch Lite OLED into a standard console with a capped 720p resolution.


Not only is the release of a Nintendo Switch Lite OLED uncertain, but even the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to launch later this year with an LCD screen, despite the superior quality of OLED screens. However, finding the console during its launch window shouldn’t be challenging, as Nintendo plans to produce 10 million units for the first fiscal year.


In 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite was launched, offering a more economical entry point to the console’s impressive game library.

Source: Taki Udon